Unsecured Business Loans

When considering 'access to funding' subsequent to the reforms associated with the 2007/2008 financial crisis, and the impact of COVID-19, a degree of scepticism regarding the term ‘unsecured’ would be forgivable, especially when mentioned in the same breath as ‘loan’.

Realistically, accessing business finance support is increasingly challenging, even with available security, so it is important to manage expectations extremely carefully when seeking to attract unsecured funding to help a business with working capital and growth aspirations.

B2B Cashflow Solutions always recommends business owners talk to their bank first and foremost, however, if the core banking relationship cannot offer a suitable solutions, we are always happy to assess any appropriate alternative options in rational priority.

Traditionally, unsecured loans have rarely been at the top of that priority list, especially for the lenders, but with the evolving 'alternative' markets continuing to diversify, and competition increasing, these markets are becoming the 'new mainstream'.

Unsecured loan funding is now a viable consideration, but could your business meet the criteria?dandelion 86034956

If your business meets the Pre-Qualification Assessment criteria we can provide an initial indication of terms, and work with you to complete the formal application process.

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Initial qualifying Criteria, your business must:

  • Be a UK limited company, or limited liability partnership (currently sole-traders and partnerships cannot access these loans)
  • Have been trading for at least two years with two years of signed-off accounts.
  • Be profitable with a ‘growth trend’.
  • Be willing to offer (UK resident) 'Beneficial Owner' Guarantees.
  • Have an exemplary credit history.
  • Not require the loan for property construction.

Naturally the limited lenders in this market tend to be fairly choosy about which businesses they are willing to risk investing in, and therefore the information gathering and credit application processes are stringent, but a successful application can offer flexible and competitive finance solutions where alternatives have failed?

These include:

  • Unsecured term loans from £10,000 to £500,000
  • Fixed rate repayment periods from 2 to 6 years
  • Interest Rates from 4.3%
  • No early settlement fees
  • Decision typically in 24 hours
  • Most business purposes (property excluded)

If an unsecured loan could be the perfect solution for your business, and you meet the above criteria, simply contact us to request a formal ‘Pre-Qualification’ Assessment.

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