Point of Sale Vendor / Supplier / Dealer Support

B2B Cashflow Solutions is skilled in complimenting existing Manufacturers, Vendors, Dealers and Suppliers on occasions when the credit processes offered by your existing lending partners fails to support your customers.

We offer alternative pricing and income opportunities to you and your customers in competition with your customer’s own finance source with a view to ensuring your ‘packaged’ deal is more competitive than that offered by your market competitors.

We are skilled in the placement of lending to business users in ‘prime’, ‘mid-prime’, and ‘niche’ markets thus offering a ‘one-stop’ processing platform through a comprehensive portfolio of lending partners.

We identify finance products to suit the needs of individual businesses, including structured profiles, dealer buy-backs, low deposits, longer repayment periods, older used assets, weaker customer propositions. We may also consider some adverse credit history etc.

Our robust quotation and processing platform is supported by ‘hands-on’ relationship management from the B2B Cashflow Solutions Directors and its team.

Our facilities can support increased income opportunities through pre agreed ‘buy-backs’ which may enable ‘trade-in’ used assets to be re sold for additional ‘secondary’ profit, and at the same time promoting further new product sales opportunity to your existing customer. This may also enhance ‘control’ of your used branded products circulating in market.

While always seeking the best deal for your customers, our Directors can negotiate commission payments to reward your sales teams for their successful introductions of your customers.

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We endeavour to give reciprocal introductions wherever possible from our extensive database of commercial customers, and from enquiries via this website which delivers daily asset acquisition enquiries.

We aim to assist in offering facilities and pricing as an alternative to your own traditional lending partners when you seek to acquire vehicles and other working assets for use in your own business.

We can also facilitate low cost ‘point of sale’ credit card terminals with secure on-line payments combined with a premium service and benefits package.

Thus B2B Cashflow Solutions offers customer financial support across your retail business, driven by a culture of ‘forging' mutually beneficial partnerships within our business community.vehicles 108427993

Find out more about Point of Sale Dealer Support

Call 01508 494 345 or email us

What our customers say...

"Our experience is that they are always easily contactable with a ‘can do’ attitude . They provide us with a reliable service, and make the purchase of a new vehicle a pain-free, smooth experience every time."
Managing Director - KB Transport Solutions Ltd