Capital Allowances - Commercial Property

Capital Allowances – Commercial property

Capital allowances are rightfully claimable by most profit making UK business which pay tax and these allowances serve to provide tax relief for the depreciation of assets acquired to run a business.

As a tax-paying business we, like you, would welcome any opportunity for a reduction in our tax bill, or a rebate against previous tax paid.

Tax issues and allowances pertaining to an operating business are usually dealt with by accountants, however in instances where a business has acquired or refurbished a commercial property tax savings are not maximised in the vast majority of cases.

In fact, because the process of claiming full allowances against commercial property can be complicated, 90% of commercial property owners who are eligible for increased allowances do not take advantage of the opportunity.


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How does it work?

Capital allowances claims are a very specialist area, and require property surveying skill in order to correctly identify and optimise entitlement.

We work with leading specialist advisors who will engage with our clients and arrange a visit to view the property.

If a viable claim can be identified our specialists will formally engage with the client, carry out the necessary work to deliver a detailed report for HMRC and secure a tax repayment or future saving.

A fee for the service is calculated as a percentage of the savings generated and therefore the cost is self-funding, based on the success of the process.

Qualifying Guidelines

  • Commercial property acquisitions for investment or occupation
  • Commercial new-build, extension, or refurbishments
  • Business equipment purchases
  • Clean-up of contaminated land
  • Research & Development undertaken, bought or built
  • Property acquisitions in excess of £500,000 (including refurbishment costs)
  • Ideal sectors include care homes, surgeries, pubs, hotels, restaurants, motor trade, offices, retails, and industrial units
  • Claims may be available retrospectively on acquisitions.
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"We can be sure that any introduction via B2B is a well-researched application which allows us to turnaround business efficiently, enabling us to provide quick decisions to our customers.
Proposals are always appropriately structured to take account of asset and covenant..."
Carol Roberts, Managing Director, Bibby Leasing Limited