Business Rescue and Recovery

While B2B Cashflow Solutions prides itself on helping business to grow and develop we understand that businesses can also fail.
For example, it is widely agreed that one third of all new-start businesses fail within the first two years due to a variety of reasons which include poor planning and management, under capitalisation, over-trading, lack of marketing.

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However business failure is not limited to ‘new-starts’ and according to a leading UK insolvency specialist 134,000 UK firms showed ‘material signs of distress’ going into the final quarter of 2009, further commenting that ‘scarce credit after this recession may intensify this effect, causing a “substantial” rise in insolvencies during 2010 and into 2011.'

Our solutions are designed to compliment services offered in support of their clients by:

  • Accountants
  • Banks
  • Legal Advisers
  • Business Recovery specialists

However we also work directly with a business and can deliver appropriate support from our own professional partners.

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B2B Cashflow Solutions has the experience and the resources required to identify problem signs within a business and can often help to mitigate these before it’s too late.

Many of the products and services we employ to assist in growth businesses can also serve in the rescue and recovery struggling business as appropriate.

Our ‘Business Health-check’ is designed to identify areas in which a business can manage cash-flow and service its debts more easily, and we are able to ‘package’ multiple products and services to deliver help where it is needed.

In addition to our core products and services B2B Cashflow Solutions has access to a suite of professional partners including:

  • Business Coaches
  • Management Consultants
  • Business Strategists & Planners
  • Private Equity Investors

And yes, we also work with ‘Business Rescue & Recovery’ specialists and ‘Insolvency Practitioners’ when the issues are more critical.

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Find out more about Business Rescue and Recovery

Call 01508 494 345 or email us

What our customers say...

"We contacted the B2B team after our bank had asked us to reduce our overdraft. Our borrowing with HSBC ad increased after a poor trading period, and recent new financial commitments had also impacted on our ability to repay debts."
Managing Director - Barkers Print & Design Ltd