Business Planning

Is your business just getting started, seeking investment for growth, Research & Development (R&D), new projects, business assets, or simply in need of increased working capital to underpin cash shortfalls caused by an improving trade performance?

From our experience we understand that businesses can find it increasingly challenging to secure the appropriate funding from their banks and other traditional sources.

‘New–start’ and developing businesses may find funding especially difficult to secure, while other businesses seeking to fund investment for expansion, acquisitions and new ideas will often fail to convince investors to support.

Business Planning & Business Plans

  • B2B offers strategic advice and business planning.
  • Close contact is maintained with the client through attendance at regular meetings to review progress and agree future priorities and strategy.
  • Our business plans include financial projections prepared with, or by, your own accountants.
  • Our team of professional consultants has expertise in supporting businesses and social enterprises across a broad spectrum of business sectors.

Lenders increasingly demand robust Business Plans which competently outline aims and objectives of the business including business strategy, viability, risks, management strengths, and market potential.

Additionally a prospective investor will consider the financial information available.

This will include any historic business performance, but will often require an insight into the projected income, expenditure, and above all, the anticipated future cash-flow position of the business detailed within the Business Plan.

A credible Business Plan is therefore the key to securing loans, private equity, and commercial funding which will enable you to achieve your business objectives.

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Researching Loans

Traditional funders will often require financial or security investment from the business to reduce the funders own level of risk.

Generating sufficient funds or security from within your business may not be possible, and an alternative approach may be appropriate?

By working with our customers to secure the relevant information B2B Cashflow Solutions can offer a comprehensive range of fundraising services, including research into mainstream and alternative funding, non profit-making loan providers and private equity investment.

We will manage the funding application process on your behalf and negotiate with a diverse range of organisations to identify opportunities through a variety of delivery channels.

Our access to research databases and publications, complemented by many years' experience in professional fundraising, enables us to provide you tailored funding opportunities which best suit your business or project.

If an appropriate funding opportunity is identified, we can prepare our credit application on your behalf with a strong track record of success.

Please be mindful that this summary is simply an overview. Funding availability is ever-changing with new funding platforms emerging all the time.

Applying for Appropriate Loan Funding (‘Bids’ and Business Plans)

Writing effective bids to tight deadlines takes a lot of skill.

We help clients to outline the project’s principal aims and objectives, and ensure these are feasible, well expressed and can provide a basis for more detailed planning, whilst having a clear focus relative to the funding programme.

We will develop the working document into a draft bid using the framework provided in the prospectus or guidance for applicants.

We will circulate the draft bid to all relevant parties for comment, including key individuals not directly involved in the project.

We will then prepare the final draft of the application and ensure that all the requirements of a successful application are satisfied.

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What our customers say...

"I first came across B2B Cashflow Solutions in 2013 and on the initial contact was impressed with the level of professionalism and variety of cashflow funding availability. With their support over the past 4 years, our business has managed to continue with its consistent growth trajectory"
Financial Controller - Traditional Norfolk Poultry Ltd