Business Financial Health Check

Q. ‘How can I make a very positive difference to my business’?

A. ‘By reading this page and our enclosed leaflet before contacting us for an appointment’

  • Is your cash-flow being squeezed by rising operating costs?
  • Are you experiencing reduced credit terms from your suppliers or slow payment by customers?
  • Are you confident your business is structuring its finances appropriately to maintain enough cash to run your business and make a profit?

Around 75% of small businesses which fail, do so because of poor cash management within their business and not necessarily because they don’t make a profit.

  • Are you paying too much for basic products and services your business cannot be without?
  • Are you seeking to reduce your monthly debt repayments or raise ‘cash’ against existing working assets?
  • Is your bank doing enough to support you, or are you being stretched by bank rates, fees, or pressure to reduce overdraft and other bank debt?

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In the current economic climate many businesses are struggling to generate or save sufficient cash to enhance daily working capital and to service debts.

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  • We understand that you as business owners are experts in delivering your products and services to market but we believe we can help you identify strategies to increase the cash in your business and reduce monthly costs.
  • As part of a consultancy project or on a 'stand-alone' basis, we offer a comprehensive Financial Health-check service for local, small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Our feedback will always be based upon our own independent and impartial evaluation
  • We work with our clients to understand if any of the key costs within your business could be reduced or re-structured, and if there are alternative or complimentary products and services which may more effectively maintain sufficient working capital within your business.
  • We can also help you with business planning to help structure your business more effectively to utilise the resources you have available.
  • To achieve this we will visit you at your premises to gather relevant information in a number of key areas before delivering you a report which aims to identify any potential areas for improvement, and offer recommendations.
  • At no time will we attempt to sell any products or services to you unless otherwise specifically requested by you.
  • You have no obligation to act upon any of our feedback or recommendations, but if you choose to do so you have absolutely no obligation to use our products, services or commercial partners…
Find out more about Business Financial Health Check

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"B2B have been our chosen partner for finance, they dealt effectively and efficiently. We look forward to working with B2B again with our next expansion"
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