Commercial Mortgages

Owner-Occupied Commercial Property

Our in-house mortgage specialists can assist with funding for commercial, and mixed-use property for owner-occupier businesses and OpCo/PropCo structures (where the property is owned in a separate entity, but occupied by the trading business).

Our lending panel has the capacity to accommodate the following property scenarios and business sectors:

  • Care Homes, GP & Dentist Surgeries, Day Nurseries and Veterinary Surgeries
  • Agricultural property
  • Industrial Units and Warehouses
  • Hotels and Guest houses
  • Offices
  • Professional Practices
  • Public Houses and Restaurants
  • Retail Shops (with or without living accommodation)
  • Private Schools

The terms available and associated pricing will vary from lender to lender on a case by case basis and the following features & benefits are for general information purposes as a guide for your personal assessment.

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Typical Owner-Occupier Mortgage Criteria:

  • Fixed or variable repayments
  • Typically 75% loan-to-value (LTV) although in some cases 100% may be available
  • As little as 110% payment (debt service) cover required (stressed)
  • Capital and interest repayment terms of up to 30 years
  • Part capital repayments to reduce debt service burden during the loan term:
  • 3 year terms with only 5% capital repaid
  • 5 year terms with only 7.5% capital repaid
  • Up to 30 year term with only 70% capital repaid thus reducing capital repayments by up to 30%
  • No requirements to transfer the core banking (unless preferred)
  • Offset Mortgages available
  • Minimal or no covenants required
  • Loans from £25,001
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Borrowers with ‘cash on deposit’ may benefit from an ‘Offset Mortgage?

The lender takes into account the credit balances held in your savings or specified current account when calculating the amount of interest charged against your mortgage.

These business balances can be used to offset up to 30% of the mortgage loan so instead of earning interest (at a lower rate) against your business credit balances they are offset against the balance of the mortgage account thus reducing the overall interest cost.

We have worked hard to develop a robust ‘stand-alone’ commercial mortgage and investment property lending portfolio to bridge an increasing ’gap’ in the commercial market and to compliment traditional funding offered by the banks.

We always recommend that business owners and property investors seeking funding for property, approach your bank relationship manager and your traditional mortgage lenders for support.

On the occasions that they are unable to assist on mutually agreeable terms ask them to recommend a trusted commercial mortgage broker.

We hope they will recommend B2B Cashflow Solutions…

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Find out more about Commercial Mortgages

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What our customers say...

"In organising and arranging our commercial mortgage, which fulfilled very specific requirements that both Barclays and HSBC were not willing or able to accommodate, B2B Cashflow Solutions typically demonstrated their 'can-do' attitude."
Ian Campbell, DC Developments