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30th NOV

National recognition at last as B2B makes the BBC!

*B2B Cashflow Solutions support of ‘The Canaries’ finally paid off on Sunday when the BBC televised the local derby with Ipswich Town live on national Television.* Our conspicuous advertising behind the goal at the River End caught the camera eye on several occasions and with Ipswich... Read more ›

10th NOV

B2B's 'creative' accountant offers evening dance classes!

B2B Director Nick Flower was taken through his ‘Waltz’ this evening when Jacquie Clarke gave up her day job to teach Nick her ‘moves’. Read more ›

5th OCT

B2B Cashflow Solutions wins the race for prominent banker!

*We are proud to have secured the substantial experience of ‘JB’ into our team. John’s role will help to compliment our consultancy proposition with John and Simon working closely together to develop this area of our business.* John agreed to work with us several months ago... Read more ›

1st OCT

NatWest Bank wins the Larking Gowen Scalextrics Challenge by a bumper!

*On a wet Monday evening ‘skilled’ racing drivers from Larking Gowen, Clapham & Collinge, NatWest, Barclays, HSBC, Clydesdale, Santander, Co-Operative, and Handelsbanken pitted their wits in our 2010 Scalextrics Challenge.* Weather conditions required all cars to change to ‘wet’ tyres in difficult conditions made worse by... Read more ›

7th AUG

Over 30,000 firms in danger of failing by end of 2010

*Analysts predict that over 30,000 companies could go into liquidation before the end of next year, after official figures showed that company failures have reached their highest ever level.* There were 5,055 company failures in England and Wales in the second quarter of 2009 on a... Read more ›

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