4 Business Finance Solutions to help gain Financial Flexibility

The right business funding can make or break your business. Get it right, and your business can flourish and expand. Get it wrong, and your business can be at risk.

By identifying the right financial strategies for your business you can improve your cash-flow and reduce monthly costs; thereby boosting your financial flexibility. The ideal scenario for any company is to have your cash work as hard as it can. Here are a few of the different business finance solutions to help you achieve this…

1. Business Asset Finance

- Acquiring Working Assets

Asset finance is a core lending facility and works as an ideal financing tool for businesses. It’s a type of lending that gives you access to business assets such as equipment, machinery and vehicles, or enables you to release cash from the value in assets you already own.

Asset finance can help you to retain cash in the business and assist in your ‘cash cycle’.

Commercial asset finance products are designed to support investments in and expansion of your business. By structuring your finance repayments against the income your asset acquisitions can generate, your key ‘working’ assets can become self-funding.

2. Re-Finance of Existing Working Assets

Re-financing enables you to raise money against your existing business assets. It’s an invaluable fundraising tool to compliment core borrowing from your bank because funds can be provided against security in specific assets.

3. Alternative Lending

- Unsecured Loans to Business

If your business is growing rapidly and you’re worried about not having enough money to meet your overheads, seeking access to a line of credit from a bank or financier might be the only option you have.

It’s always recommended that business owners talk to their bank first before considering unsecured funding, however if the core banking relationship cannot offer a suitable solution, working alongside a finance professional can help you to gain access to appropriate alternative options.

Should unsecured loan funding be a viable consideration for your business, you will first need to meet the initial qualifying criteria; this can be found here. (Link to: http://www.b2bcash flowsolutions.co.uk/products-and-services/services/unsecured-loans-to-business/)

4. Financial Consultancy Services

Being fully supported by your bank and other mainstream lenders is a huge help, something which can be achieved more easily when hiring a financial consultant. This can mean your business benefits from financial health checks and business planning, not to mention structuring of debt and improved cash flow.

- Business Financial Health Check

Undertaking a financial health-check helps to identify areas where additional working capital could be released, enabling your cash to go further.

Around 75% of small businesses which fail, do so because of poor cash management within their business and not necessarily because they don’t make a profit.

A comprehensive business ‘medical’ means you ultimately that your business is structuring its finances appropriately to maintain enough cash to run your business and make a profit.

- Business Planning

The ultimate solution in gaining a healthier business finance solution is to examine every aspect of your business finances to dynamically improve your cash flow, reduce your expenses, and eventually increase your profits… business planning is a great step in achieving this.

Business planning can help you to anticipate problems before they happen by structuring your business more effectively and assisting in optimising the resources you have available.

Are you Serious about making Strategic Changes?

The assistance of an independent commercial finance consultancy, with the relevant skills, experience and contacts, can help you to find the very best finance solution to suit the individual needs of your business.

At B2B Cashflow Solutions, we offer a multi-award winning, privately owned and independent commercial finance, business banking and financial project-management consultancy. We aim to obtain the best funding solutions to help you gain financial flexibility.

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