We believe the foundations of our business are built by the people who work with us, the customers who choose us as their partner, and our professional partners who support us. Please click any of the honeycombs below to see what some of our customers and partners have to say about our work. 

10th JAN

Lockwood Packaging Machinery And Materials

Many thanks for your help and support in securing financing for 2 Machines from different suppliers. If it was not for B2B both projects would have come to a halt and we would have potentially lost the customers but you... Read more ›
2nd JAN

Sema Lease UK Ltd

I am extremely pleased that the staff of B2B have been very much at the forefront of the smaller but very important funding facilities we use for our short term leasing business which Dovetails well with the larger asset... Read more ›
1st JAN

Alitech Precision Engineering

As our company has evolved from design and bespoke prototyping manufacture, B2B have been our chosen partner for finance in a bid to further our abilities into producing ever larger components and moving in to small batch manufacture.
They dealt... Read more ›
1st JAN


Having previously struggled with the banks due to them not understanding my business, B2B has understood my business and needs from the start, which has allowed me to expand and grow profitably which wouldn’t have been achievable without them. Having... Read more ›
1st JAN

Mayday Vehicle Rentals

B2B have been supportive and flexible when considering our funding requirements.
They respond very quickly when we have a financing requirement, hence the time taken to be in receipt of a finance offer is kept to a minimum. Overall their... Read more ›
1st JAN

Absolute Executive Ltd

B2b are always fast, flexible and professional. They have given me good advice and always made sure that I understand the service they are providing.
B2B have worked with us to find the right finance, offering more than one option... Read more ›

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